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1.0 Project Justification

  • Project will focus on Msambweni Sub County of Kwale county as a main tourism hub areas where CSEC and drug abuse and other predisposing factors of CSEC are rampant .Msambweni Sub-county consists of 4 wards with an approximate population of 182,120 with 33,051 households. Over 30% of children have fall victims or are vulnerable to CSEC and drug abuse in this tourism hub area of Diani and Ukunda town and its environs. This has been due to due negative social impacts of tourism as Children are exposed to night life in the ever mushrooming night clubs in Diani beach 11km stretch filled with hotels and beach restaurants/nights clubs.. Other factors include wide spread poverty, high level of school drop out with less than 20 % transition from primary to secondary schools , poor parenting and retrogressive cultural practices that expose children especially overnight wedding  dances (tarabu nights, kigodoro dances) and funerals (disco matanga) among others.

2.0 Background information of the region

  • The commercial sexual exploitation of children in coastal areas of Kenya which is the main tourism regions with years of development and investment in the sector with minimal mitigation of the potential social negative impact of this sector. Today there are reported shocking violation of their children rights which are a reflection of the profound risk potentially faced by all children in Kenya.
  • Some ten to fifteen thousand girls living in coastal areas of Malindi, Mombasa, Kalifi and Diani are involved in casual sex work – up to 30% of all 12-18 year olds living in these areas. A further two to three thousand girls and boys are involved in full-time year round commercial activity. Many full-time child sex workers have migrated to the coast from other parts of the country, and have often been inaugurated into sex work before they arrive. The sexual exploitation of children is not limited to coastal areas or to tourists, but can be found in communities across Kenya. About one in ten children involved in sex work are initiated before they reach puberty. But coastal zone in particular Kwale County – Msambweni Sub county with home to the famous Diani beach ranked the beach destination in Africa, has experienced an increasing investment in tourism which remains a breeding ground for drug abuse and Commercial sexual exploitation of children. 


3.0 General Objectives

To stop child exploitation through commercial sex

4.0 Specific objectives

a.To identify children victims of CSEC and those vulnerable to CSEC

b. To reintegrate children victims of CSEC and those that are vulnerable to primary, secondary schools and vocational learning institutions.

5.0 Envisaged activities to be carried out

  • Identification of Children Victims and those vulnerable to commercial sexual exploitation of children – thise will be done through the following activities;
    • Hotspots visits (e.g night clubs , beach areas, drinking/drug dens, discos, beach party sites e.t.c
    • Home visits to the household vulnerable to CSEC
    • Vetting of identified CSEC victims and those vulnerable to be selected and supported through the project
  • Referral services and provision of safe space/place
    • Counseling services support for victims of CSEC
    • Medical screening
    • Medical screening
    • Referral Diary productions
    • Rent house to serve as a Girls Hostel/Safe House care service
  • Re integration  to educational and vocational institutions/school levies (target – 104 ;M -23;F – 81)
    • Enroll into primary school
    • Enroll into secondary school
    • Enroll into vocational institutions
  • Business Development support services (BDS) –This service will target parents of Victims and those children who are supported that graduate from vocational institutions to start up income generation activities
    • Production of Information Education And Communication Materials (IEC)
    • Income Generation Activities support (IGA)
    • Entrepreneurship training
    • Business Mentorship sessions
    • Business startup Funds
  • Advocacy and Lobbying – these activities at awareness creation on the CSECto rally support to end the vice
    • Radio Talk Show
    • Ball game tournaments
    • Road processions

6.0 Beneficiaries of the project;

  • Direct beneficiaries of this project will be children that have fallen victim to commercial sexual exploitation and those that are vulnerable to CSEC due to the nature of areas  they stay, family status and other predisposing factors of CSEC, The following are the numbers of direct beneficiaries of this project;
    • Identified and verified victims of CSEC  – 30
    • Identified and verified  children Vulnerable to CSEC – 74
    • Total number children Victims and those that vulnerable to CSEC – 104 (M- 23; F – 81)
    • Parents of victims of CSEC whose receives support IGA and positive parenting knowledge – 30
    • 30 IGAs supported
  • Indirect beneficiaries :
    • Residents of Msambweni Sub county in particular  – residents population – 100% –
    • And the entire kwale County at large  – 50%

7.0 Implementation: Supervision and reporting

  • The project structure: The project will a project director/program Manager  who will provide project over site  including M & E function to ensure the implementation in based on set targets in the Performance Monitoring Plan (PMP)
  • The project will have a sub county project coordinator in charge of MsambweniSub County which is the project sites who will be reporting directly to the project director/program manager.
  • The sub county project coordinator will be in charge of  2 field offices who will work with him and 4 Volunteer field assistance  mainly community health workers (CHVs) at to existing Health facilities with the project
  • A data clerk will part of the to ensure quality and efficient  field data entry and referrals data
  • The project account will provide prudent financial reporting

Boundary Partners the project will seek to influence and work;

  • The project will work closely with local and county administration team and the Ministry of Health, Ministry of Education and the Children department including the Area Advisory Council (AAC)  and the security arm on the National and County government including the DPP (Judiciary)

Project Management Organogram

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